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Company Profile

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Founded in 2002, Beijing Ennet Distributed Energy Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in research and promotion of distributed energy supply technology, and has accumulated a large number of experience in distributed energy system application technology, project investment, engineering construction and operation management. It is the earliest, most profitable and most mature professional energy service company in the domestic distributed energy industry.


Company positioning


Using its long-term accumulated technology and experience, it promotes environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and efficient distributed energy technologies based on natural gas, participates in project development, investment, construction and operation management, and provides project investment feasibility analysis, design consultation and engineering. Technical services such as management, control system integration and operation management have become professional consulting service companies in the field of distributed energy.


Technology accumulation


Since its establishment, the company has never stopped researching and accumulating the distribution of energy technology. Up to now, the company has owned many scientific and technological achievements and proprietary technologies in its professional fields, and obtained 23 utility model patents, 2 invention patents and 1 item. Software copyright has formed a comprehensive distributed energy technology system.




In the past two years, with the launch of China's distributed energy industry, the company has completed nearly 100 engineering and technology projects, with a market share of more than 30%. Most of the project partners are large state-owned enterprise units, such as Huadian, Datang, CNOOC and Sinopec. Beijing Gas Group, China Guangdong Nuclear Power, China Southern Power Grid, China Unicom, China Resources Group, Chongqing Zhongfa Energy, Sichuan Natural Gas Company and other units also cooperated with Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Qingdao Development and Reform Commission, Tongling Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other government departments to develop local distributed energy development. planning.


Industry influence


Ente is actively engaged in the social work of promoting the development of distributed energy in China. In May 2010, the company initiated and participated in the creation of the China City Gas Association Distributed Energy Professional Committee and became the executive vice chairman. Through extensive research activities in related fields, such as policy research, technology promotion, market development, and professional training, the special committee will give full play to the role of the special committee as a bridge between government authorities and member units, and promote inter-enterprise enterprises in the domestic distributed energy industry. Contact and collaboration.


future development


Ente will cooperate with Shenzhen Capital and is working hard to build China's first special infrastructure industry fund.


Beijing Ennett Distributed Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Building 22, Tianjizhigu, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone

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